Ask Arriba Physiotherapy to approach your employer about our physiotherapist providing treatment at your workplace.

All we require is a first aid room or vacant room to provide you with your treatment.

By treating your injury or condition at work, you save valuable time.

With an onsite Arriba Physiotherapist, each session is a minimum of 20 minutes, a considerable time saving for both you and your employer, compared to an offsite appointment.

We can assess, treat and manage a wide range of conditions such as...
  • Neck, shoulder & back pain

  • Muscle, joint & sciatica pain

  • General, sport & weekend warrior injuries & pain

  • RSI

  • Tendonitis

Our Physiotherapy services include:
  • Muscle strengthening and conditioning

  • Return to Work Programs

  • Manual Handling assessment & education

  • Vehicle seating assessment & adjustment

  • Remedial Massage

  • Dry Needling

  • Hydrotherapy

  • Workstation ergonomic assessment & education

  • Onsite gym induction

Onsite Corporate Physiotherapy

Our onsite Corporate Physiotherapy Service can help make your business a great example of corporate OHS responsibility, and an ongoing success.

Your scheduled corporate physiotherapy service can be for work related injuries as well as a preventative and wellness program.

A daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly schedule can be tailored to suit your staff and your operational needs. Discounts are provided depending on schedule frequency and length of time you require a physiotherapist on site.

The benefits of our corporate physiotherapy service are varied and many, including:

  • Reduced employee absences for off site appointments

  • Regular treatment improves staff health, wellbeing, morale and, therefore, productivity

  • Focus on return to work programs

  • Reduce your worker's compensation costs

  • Reduced LTIs with our ergonomic assessments & monitoring of workstation processes

Contact Richard Cranny on 0408 090 728 to discuss how Arriba Physiotherapy can tailor a schedule specific to your company's requirements.

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